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 Dear Customers,

With effect from January 2011 I have retired from the valve business and disposed of all my stock. If you have valve requrements may I suggest you get in touch with Jan Wuesten of
Ask Jan First GmBH & Co.  who purchased all my stock.   Jan (who speaks good English) can be contacted by phone at +49 4882 6054551 or fax: +49 4882 6054552.

 e-mail:  and website (in English)  

Jan will be pleased to quote you for your requirements and supply them if possible.

Please note that I can still supply valve data, books by Keith Thrower and Barry Vyse, CD's of CV and RCA valve data and HT power supplies for battery valve radios. Details below. 

I'm also maintaining my valve collection and so will always be interested in acquiring any historic valves you may have for disposal. 


      Rod Burman

RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB – 3 
Now available on CD ROM.  The original RCA
Handbook HB – 3 comprised a number of loose leaf binders which were updated from time to time.  This new CD has been compiled from the contents of 4 complete binders plus 1 incomplete one and a stack of obsolete pages.  The oldest data sheets are dated 1935 and the latest are from 1972.  About 10,000 pages have been scanned and converted to some 2,400 pdf files, one for each tube. 

The HB – 3 CD covers tube types such as: Receiving, Transmitting, Thyratrons, Ignitrons, optical devices including Photomultipliers etc.  Envelope and base drawings are also included.

 UK price £18.00 including post & packing.
 EU price £20.00 including Air Mail & packing
 Rest of the World including USA, UK£22.00 including Air Mail & packing.

 Payment by Sterling cheque, Visa, Mastercard or Bank Draft.

At long last ! THE BOOK for anyone interested in the development of British radio valves.   Keith Thrower’s magnificent publication

British Radio Valves, The Classic Years: 1926 - 1946
 is now available. Following on from his earlier work “ British Radio Valves, The Vintage Years: 1904 - 1925 ”, this superb book which took 5 years to complete and runs to 340 pages is a must for everyone interested in British radio valves of the period, either as a collector or a user.

With more than 1000 photographs of valves plus illustrations the book covers not only the major UK valve manufacturers but the lesser known ones as well and many European and some U.S. manufacturers whose products were sold in UK. There is also a chapter on military and Post Office valves. Data and base connections for all these valves will be covered in a separate “ Valve Data Supplement” to be published shortly.

Price for the book is £24.00.
Post & packing: UK £5.00, Air Mail to Europe £7.00, r.o.w. £13.50,  surface mail £7.50.



Small size, can replace L5512/B125 (90V) and B101 (67.5V) layer batteries.
High efficiency, better than 80%.
Low noise, virtually no interference.
Switch on automatically when load is applied, no current drain off load.
Excellent regulation, better than original layer batteries.
Powered by either 1 or 2 Duracell MN1203 4.5V flat batteries.

The HT Pack 6 -120 has been designed to supply the HT and LT supplies for vintage radios from a single
 6 Volt source.  The high voltage outputs are 120 Volts tapped at 90 Volts,
45 Volts and 22.5 Vol
ts for anode, screen and detector supplies.  LT outputs suitable for 5 Volt and 2 Volt filament valves are also provided.  The LT outputs are set at 5.4 Volts and 2.2 Volts to allow for volt drop on the supply leads.  The unit senses the presence of an LT load and then switches on the DC to DC converter to supply the HT supplies, which means that virtually no current (less than 100 microamps) is drawn from the source until the radio is turned

The preferred input power is a 6 Volt sealed lead acid rechargeable battery although Nickel Cadmium, NiMH or even a stabilized 6 Volt mains supply could be used.

For further details, specifications and prices, send us a stamped addressed envelope, or email,
to the contact details below.



Thanks to a Herculean effort by Adri de Keijzer of the Netherlands, the CV specifications of more than 1700 military valves are now available on DVD. As well as the valve acceptance data, some of which runs to several pages, there are nearly 800 pages of information on testing, packaging etc and a further 46 pages of Functional Specifications in tabular form. Painstakingly digitally photographed from 7 volumes occupying approximately  2 feet of shelf space, the images were cleaned up electronically and then formatted onto a CD. 

This reference data is a must for anyone with an interest in British military valves and the equipment which uses them.

Available from Valve & Tube Supplies priced £15 each (inc. p&p within UK) from the address below.


vatsbook.JPG (37082 bytes)A must  for anybody seriously interested in British valves.

" The Saga of Marconi Osram Valve"
co-authored by Barry Vyse, former Managing Director of MOV, and George Jessop who worked there for 45 years.   346 pages with many illustrations of MOV's extensive range of receiving and transmitting valves.  

£25 soft cover or £35 hard cover
(+ postage, £4.50 UK and will quote for other destinations).


How to contact us:

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